About Our Shoes
funkis shoes are handmade and individual. That means that no pair is exactly alike. Our shoes have been hand-manufactured in the county of Småland in the same way for over 80 years. We use vegetable dyed leather for a large part of our collection and for the sole we use sustainable plantation timber. Our clogs are stocked in Australia, shipped from our warehouse in Sydney. 

With the right care your funkis clogs and sandals can last you for years, here's how:

  • Be careful with the wooden sole. Although the wood is hard and durable, it can be a fragile material if not treated right. If dropped or if you should knock into something, the wood may chip. We do not offer replacements or refunds for chipped clogs unless there is a clear fault with the product.

  • The natural coloured leather is completely untreated and sensitive to moisture and dirt and will darken with time. If you want the natural coloured leather to be more resistant to moisture and dirt, you can treat the leather carefully with a small amount of olive oil or our funkis clog balsam. This will give the leather a darker golden tone.

  • The natural wooden base can be lightly sanded back to remove marks and dirt.

  • The shoes will last longer if you re-sole them regularly. The rubber sole can easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop.

  • Don’t make the strap too tight. The sandal is a loose fit and is not designed to be strapped tightly to your feet. Strapping your clogs to­o hard may cause the strap to break. Open the buckle when taking shoes on or off to prevent the nail from breaking and to ensure the shape of the leather strap.

  • In some styles the leather may seem hard in the beginning but will soften and shape around your foot with wear.

  • Due to the organic nature of the material, it varies in colour, texture and thickness.

  • The funkis label on the sole may wear off. If this happens you can remove the glue with nail polish removal or a light sand.