Dry Brushing - What are the benefits

dry brushing is the technique of rubbing a dry brush with natural bristles against your skin in particular directions to remove dead skin and stimulate your nervous system to increase blood flow. This process has been used in beauty regimes for centuries, and can be traced back to Ancient Europe as well as India. 

It is recommended that you begin on the parts of the body that are furthest away from your heart. Starting with your feet, then your arms, brush in large circular motions towards your chest. As you get to your torso, use smaller motions. 

Your skin and the brush should be dry for the best results. A brush with a long handle would be most suitable, like the iris dry brush with handle, to allow you to get to the hard to reach places like your back. Brushing first thing in the morning is ideal, as it can stimulate your cardiovascular system to get your blood moving for extra energy in the morning, and will also help with lymphatic draining to assist with water retention. Once completed, have a shower and moisturise, and you are ready for the day! Try at least 3-4 times a week to achieve the best results.


Iris Hantverk have produced two brushes specifically for dry brushing. The dry brush with handle is made of horsehair to allow for exfoliation on tougher parts of the body, and the dry face brush is made of goat hair to be a little gentler on the face. All Iris brushes are handmade in Sweden using techniques from the 1900's and by visually impaired craftsman. 

To clean your dry brushes, Iris recommends sprinkling a small amount of corn flour on the bristles and massage in. The flour will absorb any oils and dirt and then lightly tap to remove the excess powder.