wintle cushion cover foliage 50 x 50

$45.00 USD


“Perfect Imperfections”

Drawing inspiration from the windswept rugged beaches of Broken Head National Park and the majestic and haunting Weeping Black Oak trees that cover the coastline. Circular by design, each piece is dyed by hand in Wintle’s studio in the Byron Hinterland using local fauna and flora found within 1km of the studio. Belah tree branches, lemon myrtle, ghost gum and kangaroo paw, with rain water. Made in harmony with our local environment, with a minimal impact, every item is unique and made in small batches of 6 pieces at a time in a limited edition. Pure natural plant based dyeing without the use of any chemicals, items take up to 12 hours to create and involve 8 artisanal processes.

Realised on a base of highly sustainable European Flax Linen. 

- Pieces have been washed up to 6 times in recycled rain
water, however it is normal for the colour and print to
change over time.
- Each piece retains the faint scent of the plants and
flowers used, even after multiple washes.
- Made from European Flax Linen, each piece will only get even
softer over time.
- Do not bleach, or dry clean.
- We recommend an eco liquid detergent on a gentle cycle.
- DO not tumble dry, line drying saves power.

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