ojbro karg rörö over knee socks 38-41


This sock is knit in the Karg design. This design is inspired by the simplest work mittens that have been used and frayed by people living in austere conditions. Öjbro have designed it in traditional colours. At the Öjbro mitten manufacture we have made it our goal to keep various knitting traditions alive
Made of: 70% Wool
25% Polyamid
5% Elastan

About the pattern, from designer Åse Öjbro

"The Karg pattern came up a winter day on Rörö.

I was so taken by the harsh landscape and it reminded me of my grandparents Axel and Axi who lived a frugal and often tiring life.

With the Karg pattern, I want to capture the feeling of awe and gratitude that I and we all know about our families and ancestors who fought hard for their livelihood, not too long ago."

Öjbro Vantfabrik is a Swedish design and manufacturing company located in Ulricehamn, Västergötland, Sweden. The Öjbro family consists of Åse and Ted and their sons Fredrik, Tobias and Erik.

Öjbro knit all their gloves in pure new wool and line them with modern lining to achieve as high a comfort and function as possible.
By consuming in a more conscious way, Öjbro believe we can all together save on the earth's resources, which thus results in a smaller environmental impact.

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