nunchi barefoot in the sand mood spray 100ml


This floral and woody blend will help you to take a moment and bring you into the present.

This essential oil blend of nagchampa, frankincense, sandalwood and ylang ylang has been carefully chosen to encourage calm, stability and a connection to the earth.

These ancient oils may also trigger memories of tropical beaches and warm summer days. Spray and imagine the feel of the sand between your toes.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair .” - Kahlil Gibran, artist poet and writer.


Nagchampa: calm and focus

Frankincense: wisdom, stability and spiritual support

Sandalwood: grounding, connecting and balancing

Ylang ylang: calming, unifying and support for the heart.


If we take a moment to stop, spray some nunchi essential oils and breathe deeply, we are reminding ourselves to come back to the present moment.
Each of the nunchi blends have been thoughtfully selected through research into aroma psychology to encourage calm, balance, grounding and emotional support.
Create a ritual of spraying these nunchi essential oil blends in your home and invite a sense of calm, peace and happiness. Your home will smell beautiful.
nunchi uses premium grade essential oils sourced from Australia where possible. No chemicals are used in our sprays as health and safety are their highest priority.

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