Melbourne Bushfood wattleseed (A. Victoriae) 20g


One of over 900 species of Australian Wattle, this one contains a unique hazelnut/ chocolate/ coffee aromatic spice.

Wattleseed is a powerful native botanical, beneficial to your health, and your taste buds.

Size: 20g

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown Wattleseed

Such a unique flavour can be harnessed in patiserrie for a unqiue hazelnut flavour, or used to flavour ice cream, pancakes, and even used in liqueurs.

Free from caffeine, it has been used in place of coffee with a similar flavour, and consistency to ground coffee beans.
Higher in protein than fish, is a source of trace minerals and low glycemic carbohydrates. First People used the seeds to make a nutritious flour, which would then be used for damper.

  • Contains potassium, iron, and zinc.
  • Low GI carbohydrates.
  • High in protein (lab tested at 24g per 100g)
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