Melbourne Bushfood lemon myrtle spice


Lemon Myrtle is a powerfully citrus herb that offers an exceptionally sweet, lemony flavour

Native to the tropical north-east, Lemon Myrtle is commonly used in a variety of applications from food all the way to hygiene products. Traditionally used as a topical treatment, Aboriginal Australians would grind the fresh leaves into a paste and apply topically to wounds.

The natural essential oil found within the leaf is what gives the sweet flavour. When cooking with Lemon Myrtle, it is recommended that you use the herb in the last 10 minutes to avoid diluting the essential oil, and thus the flavour (except when baking). 

Size: 20g

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown Lemon Myrtle

High in the essential oil 'citral', Lemon Myrtle is a naturally antibacterial and is rich in antioxidants that are important in fighting free radicals that cause damage to cells. 

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