phoebe cowdery

ceramic bowl MOO-COO large aubergine phoebe cowdery


Phoebe Cowdery is a practising artist/arts worker @thecorridorprojectcowra who embeds natural environments, geomorphology, history, patina, and functionality into her ceramic works. The MOO-COO bowl was designed for feasting and sharing influenced by sandstone rock pools located around Sydney’s Hunters Hill foreshore the home of the Wallumedegal people. 'Mookaboola' or 'Moocooboola', means meeting of waters. Aubergine, Talc, and Celedon oxides baked on the surface of the MOO-COO bowl reflect seasonal change and harvest. Each bowl is unique and individually handmade using a hand carved wooden mould. Thanks to potter @rebeccadowlingpottery for advice, and use of studio.

Acknowledgement and thanks to the Wallumedegal people of Moocooboola land [meeting of waters], and the Wiradjuri people: the people of three rivers the Wambool (now known as the Macquarie River), the Kalari (the Lachlan River) and the Murrumbidjeri (the Murrumbidgee River) of which this work was imagined and made.

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