tbc eyewear reading glasses fan of seen labels clear


Understated the way designer minimalism is, like yeah it is simple but did you see the brand name? Uh huh. Fan of Seen Labels wants you to know that it is the perfect everyday frame, built for style and comfort BUT is also just a little bit fancy.

The (somewhat cloudy) SKY tones have been crafted in our recyclable BPA-free plastic material with integrated hinge design for recycling purposes. Each pair is also fitted with our signature blue light lens technology which cuts  up to 30% of blue light emitted from digital devices, available across all magnifications.

Shape ~ Round
Colour ~ Sky
Material ~ Recyclable
Lens Width ~ 47
Nose Bridge ~ 21
Temple Length ~ 145
Colour ~ Clear

The Book Club was formed to bring you the ultimate range of eyewear, offering both fashion and function, all whilst ensuring they don’t compromise our planet. They've all come to terms with the hard truth that we spend our lives glued to screens. That’s why they have your back, their blue light readers block 30% of blue light emitted from screens, helping to massively reduce the effects of Digital Eye Strain.

You also may be questioning the curious names of their glasses; these are all based on classic novels. Have fun trying to unravel the original book tiles!

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