ojbro lycksele pask merino socks 38-41

$49.00 AUD

This merino woollen sock is knit in the Lycksele design. This design is inspired by all the women who have interpreted the "crackle method" (dräll) differently in their weaving, and it is patterned and and painted in Västerbotten colours. Lycksele PÅSK, this merino wool sock is a limited special edition, in a unique color scheme, light multi-yellow. At Öjbro Vantfabrik we have made it our goal to keep various knitting traditions alive

About the pattern, from designer Åse Öjbro
" When designing the Lycksele pattern, I was inspired by the "Västerbotten drellens" weave technique. I wanted a small Sami heritage and therefore put some Sami inspired stripes in the pattern. It has been fun to put this pattern together with Öjbro's family history "

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